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What should be paid attention to in insulating glass production line?

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Toughened glassAs the saying goes, there are no rules regulations. Even in the production line of hollow glass, there are rules that need to be observed. First, raw materials need to be guaranteed. Then, look at the purchase budget of sealant structural adhesive. Good materials naturally produce good finished products. So what else should we pay attention to before that?

1. First, check that the water in the water tank of the hollow glass processing equipment is sufficient, then turn on the water pump adjust the water spray pipe above the white sponge roller to ensure that all positions of the sponge roller can be washed. Then clean the impurities dirt on the sponge roll by hand. Pay attention that when opening the hollow glass production line in winter, do open the cleaning transmission first, because opening the transmission without being soaked will cause the sponge roll to be torn.

2. Then open the cleaning transmission, place the hollow glass to be processed on the transmission wheel, pay attention to the glass must be placed stably to prevent the glass falling hurting people in the transmission process.

3. The butyl adhesive applied on the aluminum spacer strip shall be uniform applied on the whole aluminum strip surface to prevent leakage burr. the use of high-quality butyl rubber to ensure that aluminum glass stand together. It is forbidden to stick dust on the aluminum strip after coating.

4. The two-component sealant shall be firmly applied the surface shall be smooth, especially at the corner, to prevent air leakage gas escape.

The above precautions for use of insulating glass processing equipment must be strictly observed in the production process..

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