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What is the function of the thickness of the insulating glass interlayer?

2020-03-11 11:45:09

The reasonable arrangement of insulating glass is a very important content, because it has a certain impact on its performance. The reasonable arrangement of insulating glass the reasonable thickness of insulating glass interlayer can greatly reduce the transmission of energy through the radiation form, thus reducing the loss of energy.

Convection transfer is due to the temperature difference on both sides of the glass, which causes the air to fall on the cold side rise on the hot side, resulting in the convection of the air the loss of energy.

There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

1、 The poor sealing between the glass the surrounding frame system results in the direct exchange of gas inside outside the window frame convection, resulting in the loss of energy.

2、 The unreasonable design of the inner space structure of the insulating glass results in the convection of the gas in the insulating glass due to the effect of the temperature difference, which drives the exchange of energy, thus resulting in the loss of energy.

3、 The temperature difference between the inside outside of the window which constitutes the whole system is large, so the temperature difference between the inside outside of the insulating glass is also large.

Deviation average method

It is a method that is conducive to the direct comparison adjustment of closely related surfaces, to the processing of standards between them, so as to achieve a high processing precision.

The above methods are about the processing precision of the hollow glass processing equipment to improve the countermeasures, I hope to help you.

Functional characteristics: pneumatic two-component sealant applicator is a kind of sealant applicator for hollow glass, which is produced with excellent technology all over the world. A multi-component pump B multi-component pump are respectively driven by pneumatic system controlled by contactless home appliance automatic control system. The reversing is smart reliable. Its unique convenient adjustable dispensing mechanism ensures the two-component sealant with large bottom limit Nearly strict preparation requirements, continuous even dispensing, good dispensing effect, fast production speed.

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