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Price of insulating glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09
Price of insulating glass
Detailed introduction:

Price of insulating glass

Features of insulating glass:

1. Good heat insulation performance: due to the temperature difference on both sides of the glass, there is a certain cavity between the hollow glass  the glass, which is sealed around, so as to reduce the convection of the gas,  play a good heat insulation effect. The value of K is less than 2.5w/m2k.

2. Good sound insulation performance: hollow glass can reduce the outdoor noise by 27-50 dB.

3. Good anti frost  condensation performance: due to the existence of desiccant inside the hollow glass that can absorb water molecules, the gas is dry,  when the temperature is reduced, there will be no frost  dew phenomenon inside the hollow glass,  the dew point can reach - 40 ℃.

4. Good safety performance: in the case of original glass of the same thickness, the wind pressure strength of hollow glass is 3 times of that of single-layer glass. Resistant to wind pressure.  easy to crack, long service life.

5. Improve the indoor environment: the insulating glass can intercept the equivalent energy radiated  the sun into the room, so as to prevent discomfort caused by radiant heat  reduce the dazzle caused by the setting sun.

Anshan Linyi Glass Co., Ltd. is located in Anshan Tiexi development zone. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the wholesale, retail  deep processing of glass original pieces. Adhering to the business philosophy of "professional, honest  trustworthy", through years of experience  accumulation, our professional innovation, our integrity  high-quality service have been unanimously recognized  praised by customers,  won excellent reputation for the enterprise.

The company's acting glass manufacturers are Benxi Yujing glass, Chaoyang (China glass), Yingkou Xinyi Glass, Shuangliao Yingxin glass. The company's sales range covers three cities in Northeast China, with an annual sales volume of over 100 million.


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