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Glue injection processing technology of hollow glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

a. In the whole process of plastering, the break time in the middle is relatively long, several times of accumulation, the cleaning is enough when the glue is mixed, especially when the average temperature in summer is high. It is suggested that the rubber should be flushed as long as it is placed at the final breaking time. It is suggested that the rubber should be measured before the breaking time according to the different temperature environmental humidity of each day. Therefore, the specific situation is different the standard value will be different. On the other hand, customers now stipulate that the adhesive will dry solidify faster, the final break time will be a little longer, which is very easy to cause particles; hollow glass glue injection processing technology: how to deal with the problem of particles after mixing

b. The standard air pressure of a / b multi-component is enough, which leads to uneven mixing slow glue output, which is very easy to cause particles;

c. Multi component B has been inspected cleaned regularly, multi component B is particularly sensitive to water vapor, because inadvertent factors such as transportation storage of natural environment will cause the surface of multi-component B to form a film, it is very easy to press the articles that form a film against particles in the pipeline. The simple solution is to use hoe to clean up the objects in the probe section, without harming the practical effect of glue application;

d. Long term wood cleaning filter screen check valve. The filter screen one-way check valve are generally sealed by machine, which is very easy to cause particles after a long time. It is proposed to clean the filter screen, one-way check valve, static mixer glue gun every quarter;

e. The O-ring on the b-multicomponent pressure plate has been used for a long time is loose. It is very easy for the b-multicomponent to remain between the gaps. The b-multicomponent is easy to encounter water vapor generate particles, which is easy to notice.

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