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Distinction between Low-E glass ordinary insulating glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Low-E glass ordinary insulating glass are distinguished three aspects:

1、 Distinguish solar radiation transmittance:

1. Low-E glass has a transmittance of more than 60% for 0.3-2.5um solar radiation, most of the radiant energy the outdoor can be transmitted in the daytime. However, in the night rainy days, more than 50% of the thermal radiation the indoor objects is reflected back to the indoor by the glass, only less than 15% of the thermal radiation is absorbed by the glass then dissipated by the re radiation convection exchange.

Therefore, it can effectively prevent the indoor heat discharging to the outdoor. This characteristic of Low-E glass makes it have the function of controlling the unidirectional flow of heat energy to the outside.

2. The ordinary hollow glass has a transmittance of 87% to the solar radiation energy, most of the radiation energy the outdoor can pass through in the daytime; however, 89% of the thermal radiation energy the indoor objects is absorbed by it at night in rainy days, which makes the glass temperature rise, then radiates its heat through the indoor outdoor radiation convection exchange, so it can effectively prevent the indoor heat discharging to the outdoor.

2、 Distinguish light transmittance:

1. Low-E glass is a film system product which is composed of multilayer metal other compound on the surface of glass. The coating layer has the characteristics of high transmission to visible light high reflection to mid far infrared ray, has good transmittance.

2. Because there is no coating layer on the common hollow glass, its light transmittance is poor.

3、 Distinguish colors:

1. Low-E glass can be divided into three basic colors: blue, green gray. Different processes can be made according to the combination of different thickness materials. For example, neutral color, gold (rose gold), silver other relatively distinctive colors.

2. General hollow glass is colorless transparent.

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