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Advantages of coated glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Toughened glassCoated glass is a kind of chemical polymer material. Because of its high density chemical properties, it is applied in many fields. At the same time, glass coating has the characteristics of high glossiness, oxidation resistance, acid alkali resistance, UV resistance. After coating the paint surface, the glossiness of the paint surface is very good, the paint surface is isolated the outside world, playing a good protective role.

Advantages of coated glass:

1. High temperature resistance. The glass coating can effectively reflect the sunlight, effectively reflect the external thermal radiation, effectively reduce the temperature in the car.

2. Scratch proof. Coating can better protect glass sand.

3. Easy to clean. The coating is easy to adhere to dust dirt, only clean water can be used for cleaning, so as to keep the glass clean.

4. Super water displacement. When rain falls on the glass, it shrinks into water drops, which effectively prevents the formation of scale.

Benefits of coated glass:

1. Corrosion resistance

After the automobile glass is coated, it is easy to be corroded by rainwater, which greatly increases the service life of the automobile glass.

2. Easy to clean

Because after the automobile glass is coated, the tension of the glass surface is reduced, the dirt is easy to attach to it, so it is easier to clean.

3. High temperature resistance

The coated special materials can effectively insulate the heat, provide a more comfortable temperature environment for the car, reduce the damage of high temperature to the glass.

Coated glass


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