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How to distinguish choose the insulating glass laminated glass in sunlight room

2020-03-11 11:45:09

The more noisy the city is, the more people want to be close to nature, the more popular the lifestyle of "leisure nature, return to the true self" is. Yes, the rural fresh style sunlight room is decorated with natural elements to beautify the home, showing the gentle delicate comfort natural scenery atmosphere, soothing the restless heart... Today, the focus of the introduction is the case sharing of sunlight room, but to distinguish the different application of hollow glass laminated glass for "glass".

I believe that many people have such a question: the function of insulating glass laminated glass seems to be similar, the difference between them is seen in the collocation of sunlight room. What is the difference between the two? How to choose to make the practical experience of sunshine room more reassuring?

Hollow glass is a kind of building material with heat sound insulation properties (main materials include: glass, warm edge spacer, corner bolt, butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber, desiccant, etc.). It is made of two (three) pieces of glass, high-strength high air tightness composite binder, which is used to bond the glass piece with the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant, then fill the glass interlayer with dry gas to make high-efficiency, sound insulation heat insulation glass.

Laminated glass (also known as laminated glass, explosion-proof glass) is a composite glass product which is composed of two more pieces of float glass sandwiched with a strong tough PVB (vinyl polymer butyrate) adhesive film, compressed by a hot press to exhaust the intermediate air, then put it into a high-pressure steam kettle to use high temperature high pressure to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the adhesive film. Compared with other glass, laminated glass has outstanding shock resistance, anti-theft, bullet proof explosion-proof performance.

Hollow glass vs laminated glass

1. To some extent, laminated glass insulating glass have certain sound insulation effect, but their emphasis is different. The anti-seismic anti explosion performance of laminated glass is better, the insulation performance of insulating glass is more outstanding than laminated glass.

2. In terms of sound insulation performance, there is no small difference between the two. Laminated glass has good seismic performance, so the noise caused by its own vibration (in strong wind) will be very small. In comparison, hollow glass is easy to produce resonance. But in terms of blocking outdoor noise, the advantages of hollow glass (argon, profiles, etc.) will be more obvious.

3. In the application of sunshine room, both of them also perform their respective duties. If it is a general home application (sunlight room, etc.), hollow glass (anti noise, heat insulation) will be a good choice. However, if you live in a high-rise, windy area (less impact of external noise), the choice of laminated glass will be more stable.

4. Generally speaking, the top of the sun room uses laminated double-layer toughened glass, while the facade glass of the sun room uses hollow glass. Considering the risk of falling objects, the safety explosion-proof performance of laminated glass will be better it is easy to break fall to hurt people, people in the sunlight room will be very safe; the facade of the sunlight room (using hollow glass) is mainly considered the comfort experience (heat insulation, warm in winter cool in summer), so that the overall performance of the sunlight room is better.

Exquisite style, I can do better for you

1. Design profile: all aluminum alloy heat insulation frame structure, with galvanized steel components as joints for additional treatment; the overall system of sunlight room has three drainage channels, which can realize the smooth diversion of roof rainwater.

2. Surface treatment: powder spraying, heat transfer wood grain, fluorocarbon spraying other surface treatment processes are adopted in Suifu Europe style sunlight room; the aluminum material has various colors, weather resistance corrosion resistance.

3. Diversified structure: the European style sunshine house series can meet the design of various (sunshine) house types, can perfectly match the original architectural style; the structural types include: arc, hexagonal top, octagonal top, ridge shape, one side slope shape, etc.

4. Glass configuration: Suifu sunshine room series is equipped with 5mm + 16A + 5mm hollow toughened glass as standard, optional with high-quality laminated glass a variety of sun shading electric systems, online Low-E coated hollow glass (to improve the overall insulation capacity of the sunshine room system).

Coated glass


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