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Introduction to the method of filling argon in hollow glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

It is a common practice to fill argon into insulating glass to make high quality insulating glass. The insulating glass filled with argon gas can improve the insulation sound insulation performance of the insulating glass, ensure the pressure balance inside outside the insulating glass, reduce the deformation of the insulating glass. For example, the large insulating glass is pasted together.

In the fierce competition in the insulating glass market today, improving the quality of insulating glass products reducing the after-sales service cost of insulating glass is a kind of money saving. Because the internal failure of the insulating glass accounts for 63% of the total failure of the insulating glass, filling the insulating glass with argon is very beneficial to reduce the internal failure of the insulating glass. Filling argon into the hollow glass is also one of the measures advocated by the local government for energy conservation emission reduction.

The use of argon filled hollow glass is also a new selling point of hollow glass, doors, windows curtain walls.

Argon filling under the production line

After the insulating glass is made (after the outer structure glue is dried), the finished insulating glass is filled with argon, the air sealed inside the insulating glass is replaced with argon. The argon is almost 100% dry. The insulating glass filled with argon can improve the temperature retention performance of the insulating glass, improve the sound insulation performance of the insulating glass, reduce the dew point of the insulating glass reduce the dew point Even eliminate the stress of insulating glass.

The method of filling argon into the insulating glass under the production line can be to use a piece of insulating glass to inflate one place, discharge air another place detect the content of argon filled. It can also be used to charge argon one place exhaust the air detect the content of argon filled (using a single in single out special inflation head), such as rubber strip hollow glass louver hollow glass, which are usually used in this inflation method.

With the development of the aerator technology, the argon charging under the production line has been widely used. First of all, the off-line argon filling machine developed by Shenfei machinery can be made into multiple channels to meet the needs of short-term large-scale argon filling. Secondly, the charging speed of the new-type off-line inflator is much faster than that of the early inflator. Shenfei machinery's patented hole filling machine also provides a guarantee for fast reliable filling gas (exhaust, detection) holes, for the realization of fast efficient argon filling under the production line. Filling argon under the production line can greatly save argon. The cost of filling argon per square meter of hollow glass is only a few cents. The argon content of the production line filled with argon can also reach more than 90%, even more than 95%. Therefore, it is common to use off-line argon filling method for high content (such as outlet) hollow glass.

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