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What kind of glass is hollow glass? What is the use of insulating glass?

2020-03-11 11:45:09

What is hollow glass? What is the use of insulating glass? Lanzhou insulating glass is believed to have been seen by everyone. It mainly includes heat insulation, sound insulation, aesthetics other operations. However, some people still don't know much about insulating glass. Next, I will introduce what is insulating glass its use in detail.

Hollow glass is made of two ( three) pieces of glass, high-strength high air tightness composite binder, which is bonded with the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant to make high-efficiency sound insulation heat insulation glass. Insulating glass has many advantages over ordinary double-layer glass, so it has been recognized all over the world. Insulating glass is a kind of glass product which can separate two more pieces of glass evenly with effective support bond seal the periphery to form a dry gas space between glass layers. Its main materials are glass, warm edge spacer, corner bolt, butyl rubber, polysulfide rubber, desiccant.

Hollow glass is mainly used in buildings that need heating, air conditioning, noise condensation prevention, need no direct sunlight special light. It is widely used in residential, hotel, office building, school, hospital, store other occasions requiring indoor air conditioning. It can also be used for doors windows of trains, automobiles, ships freezers.

Hollow glass is mainly used for outer glass decoration. Its optical performance, thermal conductivity sound insulation coefficient shall meet the national standards. Only when the structure is reasonable the design conforms to the standard, can the heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft fire protection functions be exerted. The use of vacuum double-layer toughened glass can reach the laboratory standard! There are also hollow glass with inert gas color pigment gas added in the market, as well as beautiful scenery bar added to reinforce decorate.

The function of double-layer insulating glass aluminum strip: aluminum is called active metal element, but in the air, its surface will form a layer of dense oxide film, so that it can continue to function with oxygen water. In high temperature, it can react with oxygen release a lot of heat. With this high reaction heat, aluminum can replace metal other oxides (aluminothermic method).

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