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Emergency method of toughened glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Safety hammer: an auxiliary escape tool used to close the cabin. It is generally installed in the closed cabin of cars other places it can be easily taken out. In case of fire car falling into the water other emergency situations, it is convenient to take out smash the glass windows doors to escape smoothly.

Use: it is mainly used for breaking glass to escape in case of emergency, knocking glass with a hammer, the blade at the end of the handle is used for cutting the safety belt to escape.

Scope: mainly used for buses, passenger vehicles, trains other vehicle equipment.

Usage: the safety hammer mainly uses its conical tip. Because the tip's touch area is very small, when the hammer hits the glass, the pressure of the touch point on the glass ( the pressure, but the pressure on the unit area) is quite large. This is similar to the principle of the pushpin. The film is very simple to be punctured, the car glass suffers great external force at this point For toughened glass, a little crack means that the stress distribution inside the whole glass has been damaged, resulting in numerous Spider Network Cracks in an instant. At this time, the glass fragments can be removed as long as a little hammer is used for a few more times.

Which is the best toughened glass


In addition, the central part of toughened glass is solid, its corners edges are weak. A good way is to knock the edge four corners of the glass with a safety hammer, especially in the center of the edge above the glass. Once the glass is cracked, it is easy to smash the whole glass.


Toughened glass is obtained by cutting ordinary annealed glass into required size, then heating it to the nearest softening point, cooling it quickly evenly. After toughening, the surface of the glass forms uniform compressive stress, while the interior forms tensile stress, which greatly improves the function of the glass. The tensile strength is more than three times of the latter, the impact resistance is more than five times of the latter.

It is also this feature that the stress feature becomes an important mark to identify the true false tempered glass, that is, the tempered glass can see colorful stripes at the edge of the glass through the polarized light sheet, the black white spots can be seen in the surface investigation of the glass. Polarizers can be found in camera lens glasses. Pay attention to the adjustment of light source when investigating, so it is easier to investigate.

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