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How to choose the hollow glass window

2020-03-11 11:45:09

In the current aluminum alloy door window market, the more common is the hollow glass window. The hollow glass window has become a new favorite in decoration mainly because of its heat preservation sound insulation. Although this is the case, there are many kinds of hollow glass windows, the prices are also different, which makes many people cannot choose between them when they choose hollow glass windows, they do know whether they are good bad. Xiaobian combed the information here. Let me learn about it together.

There are four aspects to distinguish the advantages disadvantages of insulating glass windows:

Identify the true false hollow glass windows

First of all, we need to identify the true false hollow glass windows, which can be carried out three aspects. 1、 Whether the glass separation is sealed? The fake hollow glass window is made of black gray PVC foam strip, which can achieve the sealing effect. The special waterproof sealant is used for high cost performance. 2、 See if there is an aluminum strip between the windows (Baidu entry "strip" is provided by the industry Encyclopedia), usually there are many air holes, put desiccant, this is to absorb the water in the gas, to avoid foggy situation, false hollow glass windows do have these. 3、 When buying, you can check the sound insulation noise reduction effect of the windows. The sound insulation noise reduction effect of the hollow glass windows is very obvious, the fake effect is very general.

The structure of the reliable hollow glass window is as follows: it is composed of two glass separations, sealed with waterproof sealant, then the middle part is divided into two layers, filled with inert gas. Such a structure can ensure the sound insulation, noise reduction heat preservation effect of the hollow glass window is good. The cheap fake is simply to separate the two pieces of glass the tightness, without the process of vacuum filling.

Inch steel in aluminum

The inch steel in aluminum can also see the quality gap, thin thick 1. More than 2 mm inch steel is up to the standard, up to the standard quality to be considered, if it is covered with wood is also fake. The quality of glass separation is very simple. There are no small bubbles on the surface, uneven, through glass separation, no deformation, which is the product up to the standard. In the hardware accessories, the vast majority of them need to do antirust treatment, use stainless steel plate.

Focus on quality

After correctly understanding the true false hollow glass windows, we must focus on the quality. First of all, aluminum materials, excellent hollow glass windows, all of which are brand-name aluminum materials, low-grade aluminum materials even old aluminum materials are fake. Good aluminum surface is bright clean, uneven, gray, free of cracks small bubbles, there is no crack open welding at the welding position, so the resistance strength is enough; the surface color of fake aluminum surface is evenly distributed, there will be small bubble residues, cracks will appear when knocking, even deformation will occur when pinching by hand.

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