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Various factors need to be taken into account when installing tempered glass decoration partition

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Toughened glass is a kind of special glass, which can resist the awakening stone grinded into zigzag shape. Toughened glass has many features is suitable for all types of mobile applications. It is usually used in commercial buildings such as passenger stations, office partitions, telephone booths any other places there is a risk of damage accident damage. Toughened glass consists of several different processes, including chemical plant temperature transformation. Every glass that causes chemical changes should be forced to reduce its plastic deformation cause it to break rather than collapse. So, when we install toughened glass, we need to consider various factors? Let's take this question with us discuss it together with the glass weaving!

Reliability is the main advantage of toughened glass. The use of toughened glass reduces the risk of injury caused by serrated glass awakening stones. It is inevitable that a glass, which cannot be ground into sharp cracks, will be damaged. Toughened glass breaks into small oval "pebbles" because of the way the molecular structure bonds. The grinding will also be evenly distributed, grinding into blocks even if one side of the interaction. This means that the larger broken glass awakening stone will crack fly in the air when the glass breaks. This makes it more ideal for cars vans.

Toughened glass is easier to clean. Because it is broken into pieces, there are fewer fewer sharp awakening stones, which are difficult to take out the brooms. Toughened glass can wreak havoc like a small stone broom, throw it out of the dustbin for fear of glass laser cutting open the dustbin a waste management construction worker injuring it. In addition, if any glass remains, there is less less chance that it will damage others. Glass "river pebble" can also be dusted by vacuum cleaner.

Toughened glass is stronger than ordinary glass. It is used to create a strong bond between glass molecular structures. This means that the glass available for mobile applications requires a stronger surface that is fully transparent, like windscreens in cars trains, laboratory windows glass aisles.

Toughened glass is also more resistant to high temperature than ordinary glass. In the process of self heating, the molecular structure becomes more more heat-resistant. Glass will melt weaken even be used directly as a flame. This makes it suitable for laboratory use, fire engines housing construction. Strict fire regulations should be established.

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