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Talent recruitment

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Anshan Linyi Glass Co., Ltd

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Address: No.31, Hezuo Road, Tiexi District, Anshan City

Anshan Linyi Glass Co., Ltd. is now recruiting industry elites:

1. One factory director: more than 10 years working experience in workshop. Familiar with all kinds of glass equipment, have strong sense of responsibility, rich management experience, over 35 years old under 50 years old. In large deep processing glass factory dry priority.

2. 2 hollow masters: be able to operate the whole set of hollow equipment, be familiar with the key points of hollow process quality control, ensure product quality, have certain organization coordination ability. New production of a complete set of air medium lines. In addition, we are looking for several hollow operators.

3. 2 drilling edge grinding technicians: more than 3 years of work experience, careful work, low error rate, high yield.

4. 2 finished goods warehouse managers shippers.

5. 2 order receiving personnel.

6. 20 skilled workers in each process.

Location: Anshan Linyi Glass Co., Ltd

The above positions are ready for employment at any time, the salary is negotiated by telegram, the company's welfare is good, the salary is paid on time, we are looking forward to the real capable energetic industry elites joining us.

Tel: 13204227777