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What about the fog of the insulating glass? Solutions

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Small editors in the field of insulating glass manufacturers share with you: causes of insulating glass fogging:

1. During the installation of double-layer glass window, its construction technology is poor. After the double-layer glass window is used for a certain period of time, its sealant cracks, causing water vapor to enter the interlayer of double-layer glass window. With the increase of temperature, water vapor evaporates. When the double-layer glass window is contacted, it becomes a small water drop, resulting in the phenomenon of double-layer glass fogging.

2. When the double glass is installed, its water tank is installed properly, resulting in its water surface higher than the profile, resulting in water flow into the double glass interlayer. Under the sunlight, the water vapor forms fog, which causes the double-layer glass to fog.

3. During the installation of double-layer glass, the installation of spacer strip is unreasonable. When the middle strip is pasted, if there is no certain gap between it the edge of the glass, it is because when the rainwater contacts, it will absorb the rainwater on the double-layer glass, resulting in the phenomenon of double-layer glass fogging. If the difference between the indoor temperature the outdoor temperature is too large, the indoor air humidity is too large, the phenomenon of double-layer glass fogging will occur easily.


1. If the insulating glass is fogged because the sealant is sealed tightly, the toughened glass manufacturer can remove the sealant on the insulating glass with tools, clean the glass window again. After it is dry, the painting process of the glass sealant can be carried out.

2. If the sink position of double-layer insulating glass window is installed properly, the insulating glass window shall be removed reinstalled.

3. If the middle strip of double-layer insulating glass has been installed, glass gasket can be added to the double-layer glass window. In addition, the original intermediate strip can be removed. When reinstalling the upper strip, it should be noted that the paste position of the strip should be kept at a certain distance the edge of the glass window, generally 2mm is appropriate. when installing the glass window, pay attention to dip water on the spacer strip, so as to affect its installation quality.

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