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Classification of coated glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09


Thermal reflective glass is usually coated with one more layers of metal compound film on the surface of glass, such as chromium, titanium stainless steel, to make the product rich in color, with appropriate transmittance for visible light high reflectivity for infrared,

It has high absorptivity to ultraviolet rays, so it is also called sunlight control glass, which is mainly used in building glass curtain wall; low radiation glass is a thin film system composed of multi-layer silver, copper, tin other metals their compounds on the surface of glass, the product has high transmissivity to visible light, high reflectivity to infrared ray, good heat insulation performance, which is mainly used in building automobile , ships other means of transport, due to the poor strength of the film, are generally made into hollow glass for use; conductive film glass is coated with conductive films such as indium tin oxide on the surface of the glass, which can be used for heating, defrosting, demisting liquid crystal display of the glass

There are many ways to produce coated glass, such as vacuum magnetron sputtering, vacuum evaporation, chemical vapor deposition sol gel method. The glass coated by magnetron sputtering can be designed manufactured by using magnetron sputtering technology, which can be used in white glass substrate

It is one of the products with the most production use. Compared with the magnetron sputtering coated glass, the variety quality of the vacuum evaporation coated glass have a certain gap, which has been gradually replaced by the vacuum sputtering method. Chemical vapor deposition is

The reaction gas is introduced into the float glass production line to decompose on the hot glass surface uniformly deposit on the glass surface to form the coated glass. This method is characterized by less equipment investment, easy regulation control, low product cost, good chemical stability, hot processing, is the most developed

One of the production methods of Tu. The sol-gel process for producing coated glass is simple stable. The disadvantage is that the optical transmittance of the product is too high the decoration is poor.

Positive factors:

The growth trend of medium long-term demand for glass products remains unchanged. With the development of construction, automobile, decoration, furniture, information technology other industries the improvement of people's requirements for living space environment, safety glass, energy-saving hollow glass other functional processing products are widely used. The supply demand pattern consumption structure of flat glass are changing.

The development of the glass industry is related to many industries of the national economy. The glass industry plays a positive role in promoting the development of the whole national economy. Therefore, the 11th five year plan also puts forward specific requirements for the development of glass industry. Various laws regulations have also been issued to regulate the healthy development of the glass industry. Under the new situation, the glass industry must change the growth mode adjust the industrial structure effectively according to the requirements of the scientific development concept, so as to promote the healthy development of the industry

Coated glass


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