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Properties application of color glaze toughened glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

As a kind of building decoration material, colored glaze toughened glass has been used for many years in foreign countries nearly 20 years in China. The colored glaze toughened glass has become a mature glass processing product, which has been widely used. Golden glass released colored glaze glass several years ago. The most outstanding feature of colored glaze glass is its decorative design function. It is used in the construction decoration industry to add luster to skyscrapers flowers to business buildings. The use of colored glaze glass in other fields can also turn the bounded glass into a colorful world clean up people's lives. The following will be the glaze, technology, product characteristics, standards, applications other aspects to give instructions, so that the colored glaze glass this product is better used by plants.

In the glaze glass industry, inorganic glaze is mainly used to make building colored glaze glass, automobile windshield, bottle, jar other decorative glass, such as stove glass, microwave heating panel, refrigerator home appliance glass, etc. The color glaze material differentiates compound glaze precious metal glaze, among which inorganic non-metal glaze is the most commonly used in architectural color glaze. Engineering glaze is often printed by ink roller packaging in the process of glazing, so its glaze is also called printing ink. Printing ink has three components: pigment, frit oil. The color material is mostly hydroxide, which is covered on the glass surface after packaging, printing calcination, forming an opaque colored layer (some colored glazes are transparent transparent color), playing the hair color function of colored glazes. The frit itself is a glassy substance. After calcination, the frit can adhere to the pigment produce a unique glossiness. In addition, the frit also has the function of adjusting the linear expansion coefficient of the colored glaze layer, so that the linear expansion coefficient of the colored glaze layer of different colors is consistent with that of the glass substrate, so as to avoid the phenomenon of the color glaze layer cracking falling off. Oil agent is used to adjust the consistency of printing ink, so that printing ink can be used in different printing technology.

The process colored glaze glass is a kind of glass product which is printed on the glass surface by ink printing ( roller machine, etc.) then air dried tempered to form a permanent solid glaze on the glass surface. The production technology of colored glaze glass usually includes four main links: production preparation, glazing, air drying tempering treatment. Among them, the production preparation is quite different due to the different packaging printing methods, especially the screen printing of silk screen printing ink is complicated professional, which has formed a small industry circle, so it is omitted here. Glazing can be achieved by ink printing, roller packaging printing other methods, even by painting hand painting. Air drying is usually carried out immediately after glazing. The purpose of air drying is to make the oil agent volatilize slowly avoid peeling due to direct temperature rise. The thicker the glaze, the higher the popularity, the more obvious necessary the air drying effect. Quenching tempering treatment includes explosion-proof glass, semi explosion-proof glass, hot bending other different quenching tempering treatment methods. The calcination temperature of colored glaze glass is generally between 700-900 ℃, if it is too high, the color will become lighter, if it is too low, the melting will be complete, the luster will be lacking.

The color glaze glass has many colors patterns, its color pattern can be customized according to customer's requirements. Its color is stable, its color is stable, anti-aging, strong acid, strong alkali no fading, the effect of decoration design is outstanding. At the same time, it can absorb reflect part of the solar energy on the surface, the shading effect is obvious. The glass products with different functions can be obtained by different quenching tempering treatment. The color glazed glass can be further processed by composite processing, such as crystal plating, interlayer, hollow so on, with more intelligence effect. It is only the plan colored glaze, but also the curved colored glaze glass.

The colored glaze layer on the applied colored glaze glass is essentially a high-density glass body after calcination, in which colored mineral particles are distributed. The distribution of pigment in glaze is similar to that of crushed stone in concrete, except that the glaze is transparent the surface is slightly uneven. Colored glaze glass has obvious decorative design function through surface glazing. It belongs to the category of glass surface processing decorative design in the type of glass deep processing. Colored glaze toughened glass can be used as toughened glass, but it only increases the effect of decoration design. The surface of the colored glaze will affect the further composite processing of other technological processes, so the crystal image of the colored glaze glass, the hollow of the colored glaze, the crystal plating of the colored glaze other kinds of glass are also widely used, which has been widely used for a long time, greatly expanding the scope of use of the colored glaze glass. Colored glaze glass only has the function of decoration design, but also has the function of shading. The shading index of ordinary white screen printing ink colored glaze glass reaches 0. About 32, this kind of colored glaze glass is equal to the shading effect of sunlight control film glass.

According to the sequence, a brief review summary of the use of colored glaze glass.

At the beginning of the stage, the building color glazed glass is full of explosion-proof glass color glazed glass, then there are color glazed toughened glass with multiple packaging printing of imitation marble granite appearance effect. At this time, the design of glass curtain wall is relatively simple, most of which only use single-sided colored glaze toughened glass. The color glaze toughened glass is often used, just because the color integrity of the color glaze is better than that of the natural marble, which can be repeated in large quantities without obvious color deviation in large construction projects caused by the mineral reserves of the specific color marble, the price is relatively low, very light, high compressive strength, good safety factor. This stage is only the primary stage of colored glaze.

In the fourth stage, designers realized that imitation is always bad creativity has vitality, then

Properties  application of color glaze toughened glass


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