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How to repair the shallow deep scratches of toughened glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

How to repair the shallow deep scratches of toughened glass

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's pursuit of beauty is more more strong, the decoration of buildings also began to use tempered glass more. Toughened glass is popular for its crystal clear beauty colorful patterns.

Toughened glass is good, but once there is a scratch, it will seriously affect the decorative effect of art glass. In this way, the whole family decoration aesthetics are caused great damage. However, if the art glass is replaced, the cost will be too large, which is really painful, will seriously affect the progress of decoration.

But now, the glass scratch repair tool can help you repair all the scratches on the art glass. So how to use glass scratch repair tools to repair art glass scratches?

When using the glass scratch repair tool to repair the scratch scratch of art glass, two steps are needed - grinding polishing. Grinding is to polish the scratched part of art glass with glass scratch grinding plate, polish all the scratches; polishing is to polish the polished glass area with polishing paste. After polishing, the scratched part of glass will be restored as new, the beauty brilliance of art glass will be restored again.

Repair steps of glass scratches Repair with rough grinding wheel first - repair with fine grinding wheel - repair with fine grinding wheel - repair with polishing wheel - Polish with polishing wheel (Note: the above steps should follow the repair process of fine scratches). No matter whether it's the windshield of the car because there is gravel under the wiper to scratch the glass, the construction toughened glass is scratched due to friction during transportation transportation, In the process of installing cleaning glass, the constructors scratched the glass with hard materials, the glass was corroded by acid rain rust water. Some stubborn attachments won. Even the window display glass encountered uncivilized duck painting damage, etc., which could only be replaced before, wasting human material time. It is a large number of glass scratch repair maintenance business has a greater development space, glass scratch repair technology is also born in response to the needs of customers the market.

Glass scratch repair is to use a special polishing machine, grinding wheel polishing wheel, professional glass polishing agent to polish restore scratches. There are many kinds of glass polishing equipment in the market, but there are problems such as deep scratch low efficiency. We hope that through a fast, cheap easy to operate process to repair the glass surface damage (such as surface defects, scratches, alkali etching, etc.).

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