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This is what you dont know about toughened glass

2020-03-11 11:45:09

Toughened glass is more more common in our daily life. Do you really know about it?

Three characteristics of toughened glass:

1. Effective improvement of compressive strength: the impact toughness, wear resistance tensile strength of explosion-proof glass can reach 4-5 times of ordinary glass.

2. Improved heat resistance: toughened glass can bear the temperature without damage, its resistance to temperature is three times higher than that of ordinary float glass of the same thickness

3. Overall improvement: after the toughened glass is damaged by strong force, it quickly displays fine obtuse angle particles, thus ensuring the travel reliability of surrounding groups in a large amount.

General application of toughened glass:

Toughened glass is widely used in furniture, electronic electrical industries due to its excellent performance. It is also used in engineering construction, decoration industry, bath room, car, escalator, as well as in the occasions it needs to have drastic temperature changes, it can also be used as the original piece of hollow glass window wire glass.

Flat explosion-proof glass bend toughened glass belong to toughened glass. It is widely used in high-rise residential glass curtain wall, building doors windows, decoration partition glass, daylighting well roof, sightseeing elevator channel, furniture glass protective fence, etc.

Disadvantages of toughened glass:

1. It is difficult to cut process the glass after explosion-proof glass by laser. It is necessary to process the glass into the required specifications shapes before disposing the glass.

2. Although the compressive strength of toughened glass is much stronger than that of ordinary glass, it will explode when the temperature changes greatly, but ordinary float glass will .

Toughened glass


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