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What is the solution to the heat insulation of toughened glass sunlight glass house?

2020-03-11 11:45:09

At that time, toughened glass was used in many sunlight glass houses. If it is hot in summer, how to deal with such problems? Talk about it with the editor!

1. When the panoramic skylight on the top of the sunlight glass house is opened, the heat flow will run out of the panoramic skylight;

2. The sunshade system software of the sunlight room isolates insulates the heat, that is to say, to avoid the objects blocking the sun on the roof, which will only harm the daylighting well, the multi-storey building is suitable for construction, the actual effect of temperature reduction is very good, so it is recommended to ;

3. Brush intelligent glass thermal insulation coating can deal with the problem of too high temperature of sunlight glass house in many ways, block the vision, maintain the visual transparency of sunlight glass house, have the function of noise treatment. At present, the proportion of application in the sales market is very large;

4. Installation of air conditioning does cool, air conditioning can make sunshine glass room cool in summer warm in winter.

Overview of advantages disadvantages of solar roof raw materials:

Toughened glass roof: the advantage is good permeability, the defect is good heat insulation insulation.

Color rigid roof sunlight glass house: the advantage is better fire resistance heat insulation, the defect is that color steel tile is impervious the color is single.

Sun glass house with high tile roof: the advantage is that it is composed of five layers, such as high tile sauna board, with good heat insulation heat preservation, multiple colors good-looking surface. The defect is that the light wells are good enough the price comparison is high. The skylight can be opened on the top the windows around the design plan Weian can help the natural ventilation of the daylighting well.

Broken bridge aluminum doors windows sunlight glass house: the advantage is that the skeleton drawing is filled with hollow glass window steel in the middle of the broken bridge aluminum doors windows, with good permeability fire resistance, the defect is that the project cost is relatively high.

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